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The economy is getting better. Voters for a 0.75% increase in VAT voted in March 2020.

The budget for Rene Bobadilla, manager of the city of Montebello, for the 2021/22 fiscal year ending June 2022 is expected to be in the black at $ 278,760 for approval by the city council on June 23.

The city council will approve the budget in a meeting on Wednesday, September 9th.

"This is a clear indication of improved budgeting and the ability to allocate costs to unusual funding sources," said Treasury Director Michael Solorza.

"It's healthy and balanced, it forms the basis for daily services, and there is no reduction or expansion of services and operations," says Solorza. "It's a well thought out, planned budget."

Up to this year, Montebello has seen a number of years in the red. December 2018 State Audit Due to the operation of golf courses, hotels and water systems, the city has an unstable financial base that may require subsidies while being overly dependent on temporary funding sources. Said there was a lack of tenders.

However, last year's budget expected a slight surplus. The year that ends this month.

The $ 61.2 million budget for the next year requires an additional 13 people, including:

  • Sound engineer for management.
  • Building permit engineer and housing manager in the urban development department.
  • Community coordinator for risk reduction, grant, project manager, chief fire inspector in the fire department.
  • Personnel and information system administrator in the human resources department.
  • Recreation manager for parks and recreation.
  • Assistant engineer and construction inspector for civil engineering work.
  • Maintenance manager of the transit department and transit planner.

With this budget, the total number of urban workers will reach 467.

"Two years ago we realized that depending on the size of a certain department, there was a significant need for staff," says Solorza.

In recent years, for example, the city has created two jobs: the fire brigade who takes care of the homeless. He also said the fire department had no firefighters or help with household papers.

“You can't spend that time on a budget for firefighters,” he said.

Solorza said Montebello has money to pay for new employees, thanks in part to $ 7 million from Bill H, who was approved by VAT voters last year. That amount was $ 1 million more than expected.

"Countermeasure H was one of the great initiatives that helped Montebello survive the pandemic," said Councilor Scarlet Peralta.

Sales tax revenue is also expected to increase 14%, or $ 2.5 million, from fiscal 2019-20.

"Expected growth is taken into account as people start spending more," Solorz said of the prospect for the excise tax hike.

"We're doing better than we expected," he said. "Federal incentives have helped people pay for both luxury and essentials."

After Years of Financial Stress, Montebello Predicts More Income and Future Expenses – Pasadena Star News

Source Link After Years of Financial Stress, Montebello Forecasts More Income and Future Expenses – Pasadena Star News