CALCPA to Webcast on Federal and California Tax Replace

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The California Association of Chartered Accountants (CALCPA) is hosting the Titans of Tax Tour: Federal and California Tax Update for Individuals on January 21, 2021.

Date: JANUARY 21, 2021 8:30 am to 4:00 pm PDT

CPE credits: CPE 8.00, MCLE 6.50, IRS-FTL 8.00, CFP 8.00, CTEC-FTL 8.00, MCLE LS-TX 6.50


Our Titans of Tax Tour 2020-2021 will continue on January 21st. Join tax rock star Annette Nellen, CGMA, CPA, Esq. To learn about changes in federal and California tax law. This session, Federal and California Update for Individuals, walks you through new laws, TCJA guidelines, regulations, cases, decisions, and other important developments that affect individual taxpayers.

This in-depth analysis of the key changes to federal and California tax law this year explains the new legislation, as well as the IRS and FTB guidelines. The most important developments from the IRS, FTB and courts are covered as well as the findings on compliance and planning gained from these decisions. In preparation for the tax season, due diligence requirements that are relevant to all new laws are taken into account. A post-election tax outlook is also included.

The course materials summarize important developments. The eBook contains links to the full text of the source documents that were discussed during the program. The materials include a table of all guidance issued under the TCJA with links to federal regulations and decisions.

Note: This is the Companion Course to the Federal and California Tax Update for Business and Estates.


  • Identify new federal and California tax laws that affect individuals.
  • Describe the significant federal and California law change by lawmakers, IRS, FTB, and courts.
  • Identify new due diligence areas relevant to individual income tax issues.
  • Learn how new tax rules affect tax planning and compliance.

Main subjects:

  • 2020 Legislation from Congress and California, including COVID-19 law changes
  • Inclusions, exclusions, and deductions from income, including developments in Section 199A.
  • Real estate transaction updates, also for virtual currencies.
  • Passive activities, hobbies and other losses
  • California important developments for individuals
  • Registration status, credits, and retirement plan developments
  • Expiring provisions.
  • Hockham Salkin Toscher Perez law firm's tax practice and procedure
  • Due diligence reminders
  • Tax Outlook After the Federal and California Elections


Cameron Lenard Hess, CPA, Esq.

Annette Nellen, CGMA, CPA, Esq.

Michel R. Stein, Esq

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