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Change of Government in Ecuador: Investment Opportunities

June 28, 2021

Corral Rosales

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Ecuador has the first month of Guillermo. behind
Lasso's presidency and as our partner specialist for tax law,
Andrea Moya says for LexLatin, "the basis of his
Administration set up ". If we have the
Benefits received during the last two governments with the
Proposals of the new president and the return to ICSID that
Outlook is very interesting for foreign investors.

CorralRosales is going through a moment when a large number
of foreign companies ask for advice on investing in
Ecuador and on mergers and acquisitions. It is important to know
the incentives available if you want to invest in Ecuador and the
various mechanisms to protect such investments.

Andrea points out that the main tax advantages are the
Income tax exemption (25%) which can be 8 years or even
12 years, depending on the location of the investment, and the
Exemption from drain tax on imports of goods and capital
goods necessary for the project.

It is also important to know the size of the investment
Contracts that can be entered into with the Ecuadorian government.
These tools help protect the investment, you agree
Arbitration, and to hold the applicable benefits immovable,
despite later legal reform.

In order to sign this contract, there is a basic one
Prerequisite: the investment must be at least 1 million US dollars and
$ 250,000 of that amount must be run in the first year.

But the most important thing to attract investment
Ecuador is implementing a major reform of tax and labor law

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