Only a GOP debate

Economists push for tax billionaires - NYCHA lied about clearing lead - Max Rose opens an account for a mayoral campaign

Good tuesday morning!

There will only be one gubernatorial debate: Tonight at 7:00 a.m. on NJ 101.5.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh, who ran his fourth election campaign in as many years, called on NJ PBS to hold tomorrow's planned debate in person, despite having previously agreed to the format. He also refused to do a COVID test. So the network pulled the plug.

Singh derided NJ PBS as biased in a statement – you know, the network that was willing to give him a platform to talk about how much he likes former President Donald Trump.

Jeff Brindel, executive director of ELEC, said he was "disappointed".

"Healthy debate between candidates has always been a foundation of the Gubernatorial Public Financing program and Mr Singh's rejection of his commitment to participate in the first two debates marks a first in the history of the program," said Brindle.

Jack Ciattarelli's campaign described the decision as weak and described Singh as "a long-term campaign loser who still lives with his parents at the age of 36 and does not even pay property taxes". But I'll bet Ciattarelli is more than happy to have one less debate with a candidate who could have dragged him further to the right than he already left.

WHERE & # 39; S MURPHY – No public appearances planned. Media: MSNBC at 7:30 a.m. and PIX 11 at 8:00 a.m.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Gagnon Securities makes all trading decisions on client accounts at its own discretion, based on publicly available information and proprietary analysis that form our investment strategy for all of our clients. All AP-referenced deals made on Congressman Malinowski's account in 2020, including any short positions, were made by Gagnon Securities in accordance with its discretion and without input or prior knowledge from Congressman Malinowski. “- Statement from the stockbroker by US Representative Tom Malinowski

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Anthony Carabelli, Hamilton Councilor

CORONAVIRUS TRACKER – 260 newly reported positive PCR tests for a total of 885,987. 10 more deaths for a total of 26,100 confirmed or probable deaths. 699 hospitalized, 148 in intensive care. 4,081,114 fully vaccinated, or about 43.9 percent of the population.

A message from Pre-K Our Way:

Thank you, Governor and Lawmaker! Pre-k expansion funding was included in every current state budget! Working families in 150+ school districts have pre-k expansion – but families in 110+ districts are still waiting. They wait in rural, suburban, and suburban communities – east to west, north to south. Continue substantial pre-k expansion this year! Visit

BRENT SPINER HAS A CERTAIN MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IS THE DATE – Just in time for Memorial Day, New Jersey is lifting the mask mandate, the rules for social distancing, from Sam Sutton of POLITICO: New Jersey is lifting its mask mandate after it is one of the few companies in adopting it the newest was Governor Phil Murphy announced on Monday. Murphy's new policy, which goes into effect Friday, the start of Memorial Day weekend, gives New Jersey residents – even those who are not fully vaccinated – the green light to remove their masks and others in most cases Remove face coverings. According to CDC guidelines, the arrangement excludes settings such as health facilities, prisons, schools, day care centers and public transportation networks. Corporations can still require customers and employees to wear emoluments, Murphy said.

HUTTLE REAFFIRMS “OLD BOYS WITH PERFECTLY COIFFED WHITE HAIR NETWORK” – “Why is a Camden group involved in a Bergen race? Norcross Plays Hardball in 37th Place "by Charles Stile of The Record:" An independent spending group closely associated with George E. Norcross III has launched television commercials and mailers to promote the campaign of Rep. Gordon Johnson, former sheriff of Moving Bergen County forward is embroiled in fierce competition to succeed Senator Loretta Weinberg, the Teaneck liberal titan who is retiring. Huttle hopes the party machine will arouse progressive disgust, and what she says is a coordinated effort by the Old Boys Network to undermine her candidacy. Now she has a new slide to add to her attacks: Norcross, a businessman and prisoner political school practitioner. "What interests do South Jersey party bosses in Bergen County have?" Huttle asked in an interview last week. "As I said, this election should be made by the voters of District 37, and of course the South Jersey party bosses should not seek to influence this election." The main target of Hutte's wrath is the American Democratic majority, whose officers include William Tambussi, Norcross' attorney; Congregation chairwoman Patricia Egan Jones, veterans affairs director for Camden County; and consultant Sean Kennedy, who leads the group. "

THE SKY FALLS! – According to the survey, the legal weed hasn't changed the quality of life in New Jersey. Matt: Cannabis is legal in New Jersey now, and residents barely noticed. A staggering 86 percent of Garden State residents say the Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill, passed by voters in November and the democratically controlled legislature in February, is "no real change," according to a published poll by Monmouth University the quality of life of the state has effected Monday. Only 6 percent say it has changed for the worse and 4 percent for the better. There is one massive limitation to the survey, however. While possession of less than 6 ounces of cannabis is now legal under the law, there are no legal recreational vendors out there and it will be at least a few months for a product to be operational.

POLICE ATTEMPTING GIFT HORSES IN THE MOUTH – "Weed gift companies are starting in New Jersey. But are they legal?" NJ Advance Medai's Amanda Hoover: "Licenses to sell legal weed are still months away, but there are a handful of entrepreneurs who come into the scene through a potential legal loophole – cannabis 'giving'. It's a popular program in other states, and particularly in Washington, DC. One company can buy cookies, snacks, or brownies that come with a sticker shock of $ 50 or more, but when they make the delivery it comes with a suggested gift : maybe an edible cannabis or an ounce of flower … "It seems the risks are minimal given the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in (New Jersey)," Gene Markin, a Princeton attorney with Stark and Stark, told NJ Cannabis Insider. That assumes you have less than six ounces at a time. The decriminalization law allows a person to own six ounces and up to e sell an ounce without any criminal penalty. If you engage in this practice, it is a marijuana trade (if you add up all of the quantities delivered to customers) and as a result, it could face severe penalties and criminal charges. "

WHITE MANVILLE – “How diverse are the NJ police forces a year after the murder of George Floyd? Nobody knows, "by Nicolas Fernandez, Steve Janoski and Phaedra Trethan of The Record:" Would you like to know how many blacks, Asians or Latinos are employed in the New Jersey police force? The answer is, nobody knows – a year after a new law requiring the state to provide such information was put on the books. Not only does the state not have the information – although officials promise it will be in by early 2022 – but a request from the USA TODAY Network New Jersey to the state's 540 police departments yielded only 53 responses. “If you don't measure what you're doing, how will you ever improve?” Said Jiles Ship, president of the New Jersey chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. "We really need to develop a matrix to measure what we are doing." An analysis of the data from the 53 police agencies that responded shows that, by and large, municipalities have more work to do. Forty-one or 77 percent have a police force that is more than 75 percent white. For example, in Manville, all 23 civil servants are white men, while approximately 63 percent of the county's population is white. In Union Beach, the police are 100 percent white, even though the city is 78 percent white. "

REVENUE POP SECRET – "What is the secret behind NJ's good financial position during the COVID-19 pandemic?" By John Reitmeyer of NJ Spotlight: Exactly what happened to bring about this turnaround in the state's financial fortunes, as reported by Treasury officials and impartial financial legislative analysts during the recent budget hearings, involves a number of factors, but decisions that are common to both Cases hit Trenton and Washington, DC, played a huge role in responding to the health crisis. Perhaps the most important factor has been the significant federal government intervention over the past year – some would say shopping frenzy – which provided stimulus payments and other bailouts that have helped boost consumer spending here and across the country. This, in turn, has increased New Jersey sales tax revenues during much of the pandemic, and sales tax is already one of the largest sources of revenue for the state budget.

SHOOTING – Murphy: Cumberland County mass shootings, a "microcosm" of the nation's gun violence, by Katherine Landergan of POLITICO: Saturday night mass shootings in Cumberland County, killing two people and injuring a dozen others, are a microcosm of this magnitude of gun violence we see elsewhere in other communities in our state and across the country, ”said Governor Phil Murphy on Monday. “We have gotten to the point where this type of horrific scene is almost part of our daily lives. It's become commonplace, ”Murphy said during a briefing outside the Cumberland County Attorney's Office in Bridgeton. "If there's one thing we could never normalize, it's pointless gun violence."

– "NJEA: Let's spend this additional $ 3.7 billion on schools wisely." Opinion"

– "Drivers with Autism: NJ Licensing Act aims to avoid misunderstandings with police officers"

– "The Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court warns NJSBA that job vacancies in the judiciary are 'unsustainable'."

– "NJ. Overturns decision to place transgender women in men's prison"

– Rizzo does not appear to appeal to the Supreme Court to raise funds

– The New Jersey Department of Education publishes draft plan for issuing the ARP Fund

– "Ciattarelli is taking action against Murphy's pandemic on site."

– "Lawyers awaiting action to end immigrant detention in New Jersey"

GATEWAY TO GATEWAY – Gateway's Environmental Impact Statement will be released on Friday by POLITICO's Danielle Muoio: After being stuck in the limbo for years, Gateway program officials will soon reach a major milestone in the $ 13 billion rail project to advance. The federal government will release the Environmental Impact Statement on Friday for the Gateway program to repair tunnels under the Hudson River damaged by Hurricane Sandy and expand railroad capacity between New Jersey and New York. Gateway officials submitted a draft environmental impact statement in February 2018 and have been waiting for federal approval ever since. This was delayed by President Donald Trump's hostility to current Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer during negotiations to fund a wall along the border with Mexico.

– @ Redistrict: “The Rep. Tom Malinowski (D) stock scandal could make it easier for NJ's Redistribution Commission to toss him under the bus and turn his # NJ07 (left) into a secure GOP seat (right) – the an Country would go up # NJ05 Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D) & # NJ11 Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D). ”

– "Will Democrats sacrifice Malinowski to ensure Gottheimer, Sherrill, victories?"

A message from Pre-K Our Way:

HOW TO MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE HIRES YOU AGAIN – “The dislodged Carlstadt sewer manager says porn was a mistake. He's suing his job back, ”said Kristie Cattafi of The Record:“ The former head of the district's Wastewater Commission is suing to overturn his firing. This came after he posted a pornographic video on a Facebook group chat that other city officials saw it on. Thomas Maloney claims in his lawsuit that his appointed position was protected from impeachment and is seeking relief. Maloney was appointed chairman from February 1, 2018 through January 31, 2023 for a five-year term. Prior to his appointment, he had been a district employee since 2002. Cheryl Rivera was working as a clerk in the community courts in February 2020 and saw Maloney posted a pornographic video on a Facebook chat and she reported it. The video in question was 38 seconds long of a naked man puking on the face of a woman who was on his knees in a bathroom, as described in court documents. It includes vulgar and sexist language. During the hearing, Maloney said the video was mistakenly sent to the group chat and that according to records of the investigation, it should be sent to a person. The Facebook group chat included local residents and various elected officials. "

ANTISEMITISM – "Teaneck Deputy Mayor reports harrowing anti-Semitic attack in Florida," by The Record's Katie Sobko: "Teaneck Deputy Mayor Mark Schwartz and Councilor Karen Orgen went out with their family in Bal Harbor, Florida last week , walking and enjoying some vacation when the unthinkable happened. After the synagogue service on Tuesday afternoon, Schwartz, Orgen, her husband Eric, and their daughter wanted to walk up Collins Avenue to a pier to "end Shavuot's vacation by the sea before returning to the sunset service," said Schwartz, who wore a yarmulke. But during their walk, Eric Orgen said on a social media post, a car stopped and the men inside shouted anti-Semitic remarks at the group. According to the Post, they threatened to rape Orgen and her daughter. It all happened so quickly that Schwartz was still processing what was happening when Eric Orgen stepped in front of the group to provide protection. The men in the car had got out. "It was only when we realized that a physical attack was imminent when they climbed out of their cars and threw objects at us that a black Audi pulled between us and the attackers and pulled a gun at them," said Schwartz.

CLAYTON – Matt Gray of NJ Advance Media: "A retired police chief accused of suffocating and threatening to kill a woman resigns from councilor. Franklin S. Brown Jr., 53, of Clayton, was charged on April 11 after allegedly suffocating a woman and threatening to kill her, according to court records. Brown, who retired from his position as chief of the Glassboro Police Department in 2019, was summoned for grievous bodily harm to a victim of domestic violence, simple assault and terrorist threats. Brown resigned from his position as Woodbury City Administrator a few days after his indictment. District officials said he stepped down from Clayton City Council on April 22nd. "

0.006 MASTROS – "The Indicted Public Works Director Received $ 57,000 In Compensation After Suing the Community," by Matt Gray of NJ Advance Media: "A Gloucester County Public Works Director who was indicted He groped a subordinate and stole it from his employer, settled a lawsuit he filed for retaliation. Charles M. Bosco received $ 57,500 in the Franklin Township settlement last month and agreed to step down. Bosco, 55, was doing public works for the community in 2019 when an administrative assistant alleged he repeatedly touched her inappropriately, including an incident where he allegedly grabbed the back of her head and forced her head to his groin, according to court documents. "

– "Why is the tax officer coming to Jersey City's nonprofits?"

– "Atlantic City 1st quarter casino revenue more than tripled"

– "The Long Branch policeman's wife dropped him off to run the meth lab in the apartment: the police."

– “DRBA study shows that the ferry to Cape May has positive economic effects on the region

– "The Mayor of Jersey City is asking the state legislature to establish the wage tax law."

– "A judge has denied a motion to delay the sentencing of former Bordentown Township Police Chief Frank Nucera."

– "Wyckoff Deputy Headmaster Resigns After Video Incident"

WOMEN IN POWER – PSE & G appoints Daniel Han of POLITICO as the first female president in its 118-year history: Kim Hanemann, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at PSE & G, will be the new president of the utility next month and the first woman who has taken over the management of the company in its 118-year history. Hanemann will take over the office of President on June 30, replacing David Daly, who is retiring. Daly has been the head of New Jersey's largest utility company since October 2017 and worked for 35 years at PSEG, the parent company of PSE&G. “I look forward to building on the strong foundation Dave Daly has laid to support our goals for Clean Energy Future work towards helping customers use energy more efficiently and providing them with new options for clean energy such as electric vehicles and smart meters, ”Hanemann said in a statement.

– "This N.J. nurse says he was fired for talking about safety. He's struggling to get his job back. "

– "Netflix Martha Stewart Documentary Examining Her New Jersey Roots"

A message from Pre-K Our Way:

Thanks to the governor and legislature, there has been pre-k expansion funding in every current state budget! This enabled NJ to expand Pre-k for working families to over 150 school districts.

However, families in more than 110 eligible counties are still waiting in rural, suburban, and urban communities, and east to west – and north to south.

The proposed budget for fiscal 2012 would continue to recognize expansion before k as a priority for now and for our future. We agree with former Governor Tom Kean: “There are some priority reforms that we need to carry out to improve education in our state. One of our highest priorities should be the availability of high quality pre-k programs to all of our children. These programs offer our best hope for future success in school and life. "

Let's keep pre-k expansion as a national priority. Continue significant pre-k expansion for New Jersey and especially its working families in the coming year.