Rockport City Supervisor's December 10 report: Excise tax exemptions for firefighters, new library hours

I am delighted that the city can open the new library building. There is still a lot of work to be done before the project is completed and some of the work, particularly the landscaping, will be completed by the spring.

It is expected that the lower terrace soil will be installed so that it can settle and compact over the winter. For public works, a temporary wooden walkway will be built and installed that can be used as an exit from the lower level of the building so that the space can be used once the state elevator inspection is completed. This increases the capacity to 15 users.

I want to say that the project was on budget thanks to Phil Builders & Architects.

Charlie Frattini, Nate Yeater and Bettina Doulton are responsible for building this library and creating the beautiful space it is and will be for the next century.

Thanks also to architect Stephen Smith and engineer Will Gartley. Thanks also to Mike Young, Public Works Director, Mary Beth Van Keuren, Owner's Representative, and Ben Blackmon, Library Director, for their assistance with the project.

The Rockport Library Foundation also deserves tremendous recognition, because without its fundraising campaign the library would not have been built.

They raised more than their original $ 2 million pledge to build with the additional funds that went to purchase furniture, fixtures, and equipment in the building, and another donor made significant funds available to help raise the library's lower level a great space for library programs to improve and to complete other community events.

Tax acquired real estate bid

The bids on the tax-earned property at 280 Rockland Street were due Monday, November 30th. The city received no bids. However, we will be advertising again and have some potential buyers who may be interested and have contacted the city office after the offers are due.

Employee recognition lunch

As the board knows, the city is hosting a staff appreciation lunch in December, where all staff will gather and enjoy a meal. Unfortunately we cannot have all employees at one location this year. Instead, each department gathers, socially distant, in large rooms to enjoy a meal. I will attend each of these lunches and thank the staff.

Public Works Truck Bid

The city received three offers for the public works department's new Western Star Wheeler Truck on December 9th. The Public Works Director reviews the tenders to make a recommendation. This will be submitted to the Select Board for decision in January.

Grants for economic recovery in Maine

The Maine Economic Recovery Grants were processed using federal funds under the CARES Act and distributed by the Regional Economic Development Districts (EDDs). The City of Rockport has partnered with the Midcoast Economic Development District (MCEDD) to print and mail the checks for recovery grants in the MCEDD area of ​​which Rockport is a part. To date, the finance department has processed 516 checks for businesses and nonprofits.

The city receives $ 100 per check processed, which is $ 51,600 so far. The Phase 2 grants are still being processed by MCEDD and the state, and another round of grants is currently open.