Small tax enhance in proposed merchandise Nice Boro Faculties funds

POINT PLEASANT BORO – A small tax hike has been proposed to the Point Pleasant Boro school budget as the district deals with "devastating" aid cuts.

School officials announced in the district's budget video presentation last week that the average tax increase would be $ 60 per year for the average estimated property value of $ 391,800.

Here's how much the average property taxes would increase for the following home values ​​given a tax increase of 0.0154 per $ 100 of estimated value:

The district prided itself on the low tax hike in the face of "devastating" cuts by the state under the "S-2" state law to divert money to pouring districts.

School officials say they have several goals in mind under the proposed budget:

  • Continuous integrated focus on mental health and wellness support at all grade levels
  • Focus on specific directions to identify areas of acceleration and ensure students are working at or above grade level
  • Increased focus on benchmark assessments to determine mastery of key concepts and standards at the class level
  • Review of K-12 social studies focusing on the new standards
  • Training to support targeted interventions and extensions for all learners

The school district also has a number of capital projects ahead of it: