Actor Vijay: Luxury automotive tax evasion: Madras Supreme Courtroom costs actor Vijay 1 lakh, makes some highly effective observations | Chennai information

CHENNAI: The Madras Supreme Court ordered Tamil actor Vijay to pay Rs 1 lakh for failing to pay the import tax for importing a luxury car – Rolls-Royce Ghost – from England in 2012. The amount would go to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Public Aid Fund to Fight Covid-19.

Judge S M Subramaniam imposed the costs of the actor's attempt to evade taxes by challenging the tax claim of the business tax office.

The judge rejected Vijay's plea, saying the actor had large fan groups. “These fans see such actors as real heroes. In a state like Tamil Nadu, where such actors have become the rulers of the state, they are not expected to behave like “role heroes”. Tax evasion is to be interpreted as an anti-state habit, attitude and way of thinking and unconstitutional, ”said the judge in the order published on Tuesday on July 8th.

“These actors portray themselves as champions to bring social justice into society. Her films are directed against corrupt activities in society. But they evade taxes and act in ways that are inconsistent with the provisions of the statutes, ”said Judge Subramaniam.

While the common man is motivated and encouraged to behave as a lawful citizen and pay taxes and thrive hard to achieve social justice in society, the rich, wealthy and respected people do not pay taxes, the judge added.

If so, it would be a long way to go to achieve the constitutional goals, the court said.

The judge found that the petitioner's failure to pay the entry tax could never be recognized and said the actor should respect the feelings of lakhs and lakhs of his fans who watch his films by paying the ticket. “Only with this money did the petitioner buy the 'most prestigious' car in the world for his personal use,” said the court.

The court had made these observations in the hope that the petitioner and other like-minded citizens of this great nation would pay their taxes in accordance with the law and make our nation proud for achieving the constitutional goal of social justice and inequalities in society said the judge.

The court also ordered the actor to pay the tax requested by the agency within two weeks if it has not already been paid. The import tax is 20% of the vehicle cost.

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