Arlington TX Corporate Finance Planning / Safety

Dallas, USA, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Vision Legal, a law firm based in Dallas, TX, has introduced updated financial legal services to corporations and nonprofits in Arlington, Irving, Plano, Garland and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. The launch expands the company's proficient legal solutions to a range of sectors and provides financial advice and strategic planning in raising public or private funds.

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The firm's newly updated services offer both general and partial advice to companies and organizations in different growth stages.

According to an article by the Texas Economic Development Corporation, the state entered the world’s ninth largest economy in 2021, comfortably setting the trend for employment and growth in the US Texas offers a strong infrastructure, a competitive tax system, business-friendly economic policies and a skilled workforce that makes it the basis for retail giants like Amazon, Tesla, HP and Oracle.

Vision Legal's clients can benefit from more than just legal advice as the firm brings years of experience in identifying areas of potential growth. The firm combines a high level of entrepreneurial experience with modern business acumen and an affinity for the goals and financial challenges of the non-profit sector.

They offer protection to organizations that may be financially vulnerable as they grow. Customers can benefit from the company's expertise in managing structural change if they wish to acquire financing from specific lenders. The company can advise on tax law and implement legal protection in order to optimize growth and security.

The company also brings experience in securities, debt, licensing, franchising, mergers, acquisitions, estate planning, intellectual property and contract management.

Customers benefit from Vision Legal's hands-on approach to financing, valuation, due diligence and regulatory approval to ensure companies are prepared for new financial and operational challenges.

Vision Legal is led by Principal Attorney Jason Head, who brings over 20 years of business and financial development experience.

A spokesman says: "This law firm not only helps our clients to master the current challenges, we work with them to find the best solutions and identify new business opportunities."

With the introduction of its updated financial law services, Vision Legal continues to make corporate finance and protection available to businesses across the state of Texas.

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