Congress slams middle over gasoline, diesel value hike

The Congress Party attacked the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the rise in gasoline and diesel prices, claiming on Sunday that the excise tax on diesel had increased by 820 percent over the past six years and by 258 percent on gasoline.

The party has asked for an explanation of how exactly the government spent £20 lakh crore that it has been "collected through several excise tax increases on both gasoline and diesel" in the past six years.

Excise duty is a form of tax levied on goods for their manufacture, licensing, and sale.

Speaking at a press conference, Congress Secretary General Ajay Maken said: "Today gasoline prices in Delhi hit an all-time high £85.70 per liter. Diesel has achieved £75.88 liters, and what is even more shocking, is the fact that during the Congressional regime when the UPA left power in May 2014, international crude oil prices were $ 108 a barrel. It's down in half, which is $ 55.52 a barrel, and while crude oil prices have fallen to almost half, gasoline and diesel prices have surprisingly increased. "

"The only reason gasoline and diesel prices have risen is that the central government has increased the excise duty on diesel by 8 times and on petrol by 2-1 / 2 times. The additional excise duty for the common man, for is the consumer £23.78 per liter on gasoline and £28.37 per liter for diesel, that's 820 percent for diesel and 258 percent for gasoline. This is the increase in the excise duty on diesel and gasoline that has been burdening the common consumer, "he said.

Supposedly, the central government earned more than £20 lakh crore of this "additional" excise duty and if the "central government cuts the additional excise tax it pulls back the additional excise duty it changed over the past six years, gasoline prices will fall on £61.92 and diesel price will fall on £47.51. "

"The central government has raised more than 20 lakh crore rupees from gasoline and diesel consumption in the last 6 years. So where has this huge amount gone? Our Jawans, our government employees, their prosecutor's office is being cut. Our small business owners, our MSMEs are constantly subordinate the pressure from the bank to repay the loans and they are constantly under pressure from the tax authorities. There is tremendous unemployment across the country. Farmers are committing suicide so where has that amount more than £20 lakh crore are gone? ", Asked he.

"First, it should reduce the increase in excise duties on gasoline and diesel, and second, the Congress Party wants to know where they are £20 lakh crore that the central government has collected from the increase in excise duties on diesel and gasoline, where has the money gone? ", Asked he.

Regarding the price of liquefied petroleum gas, he said: "As for liquefied petroleum gas, I would like to remind you that in our time we have given 12 bottles as subsidized for liquefied petroleum gas, which has almost been withdrawn. At the moment, liquefied petroleum gas is on the free market £700 per bottle, while LPG on the free market without subsidy again during our time, as I said earlier, 12 bottles a year, the subsidized rate were much lower, the subsidized LPG bottle has increased £414 per cylinder too £700. "