Gasoline value exceeds Rs 100 in 21 counties of Tamil Nadu – The New Indian Specific

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CHENNAI: Gasoline prices surged above Rs 100 per liter in 21 counties of Tamil Nadu after fuel prices rose again on Saturday. Petrol and diesel prices were each increased by 35 Paise per liter. In Chennai, gasoline costs 99.19 rupees per liter, while diesel costs 93.23 rupees per liter.

The Saturday hike is the 30th price increase since May 4th.

Fuel prices have exceeded Rs 100 in more than 20 districts, according to the Tamil Nadu Petroleum Dealers Association. This happened in the wake of the Tamil Nadu Minister of Finance, P.T.R. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan rules out a reduction in VAT on gasoline and diesel.

In the last year alone (2020-21) the revenue of the Union government from excise taxes and surcharges on gasoline and diesel rose from Rs 2.4 lakh crore to around Rs 3.9 lakh crore, while the actual revenue from the excise tax levied was with Tamil Nadu shared by the Union on these products dropped from Rs 1,163 crore to Rs 837 crore, Thiaga Rajan had stated.

Below is a list of the districts where gasoline costs more than 100 rupees per liter:

  • Cuddalore: Rs 101.12
  • Dharmapuri: Rs 100.42
  • Dindigul: Rs 100.07
  • Kallakurichi: Rs 100.99
  • Krishnagiri: Rs 101.1
  • Nagapattinam: Rs 100.55
  • Nilgiris: Rs 101.22
  • Ramanathapuram: 100.61
  • Tirupattur: April 100
  • Tiruvannamalai: Rs 100.86
  • Vellore: Rs 100.42
  • Villupuram: Rs 100.74
  • Salem: Rs 100.07
  • Kanyakumari: Rs 100.11
  • Shivaganga: 100.01
  • Then: Rs 100.2
  • Thanjavur: Rs 100.32
  • Tiruvarur: Rs 100.32
  • Ranipet: Rs 100.14
  • Pudukkottai: Rs 100.16
  • Perambalur: Rs 100.04

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