Gov. Edwards indicators a number of payments from 2021 session into law

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Today, the Office of the Governor announced that Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed multiple bills into law from the 2021 Legislative Session.

The bills are as follows:

ACT 52—SB 5 Excludes amounts deposited into certain education savings accounts for tuition expenses for elementary and secondary schools from state income tax.

ACT 53—SB 6 Exempts purchases of utilities used by commercial farmers for on-farm storage from state sales and use tax.

ACT 54—SB 11 Provides an individual and corporation income tax exemption for state and federal COVID-19 relief benefits.

ACT 55—SB 18 Provides for the reemployment of retirees.

ACT 56—SB 23 Provides certain enhanced survivor benefits and insurance coverage for the spouses and children of members killed in the line of duty.

ACT 57—SB 28 Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Orleans Parish.

ACT 58—SB 32 Repeals the exclusion of certain agricultural products authorized to be sampled and analyzed by the commissioner of agriculture.

ACT 59—SB 38 Provides relative to the terms of the members of the Louisiana Behavior Analyst Board.

ACT 60—HB 23 Repeals crimes relative to defamation.

ACT 61—HB 77 Provides relative to the suspension or deferral of sentence and probation in felony cases.

ACT 62—HB 94 Extends authority for imposition of certain fees levied by the Louisiana Tax Commission for the assessment of certain properties.

ACT 63—HB 96 Redesignates a portion of Louisiana Highway 3094 in Shreveport as the “Rev. Dr. Elbert W. ‘Eddie’ Giles Memorial Highway.”

ACT 64—HB 102 Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 173 in Caddo Parish as the “Coach Carl Pierson Memorial Highway.”

ACT 65—HB 104 Provides relative to the composition of the Louisiana Board of Animal Health and its regulatory authority over the disposal of livestock animal carcasses.

ACT 66—HB 128 Provides relative to the powers and duties of the Cash Management Review Board with respect to financial security and cybersecurity plans and procedures adopted by state agencies, including the assessment and deployment of such plans and procedures.

ACT 67—HB 133 Provides relative to the qualifications of one member of the municipal fire and police civil service board in the city of Zachary.

ACT 68—HB 140 Provides for the modernization of certain provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.

ACT 69—HB 147 Provides relative to charges collected by public license tag agents.

ACT 70—HB 162 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Simmesport Housing Authority.

ACT 71—HB 219 Provides relative to delivery of ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages by restaurants.

ACT 72—HB 251 Provides relative to time limitations for instituting prosecution for crimes with victims with infirmities.

ACT 73—HB 397 Provides relative to public health programs and services related to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

ACT 74—HB 405 Provides relative to compensation for members of the planning and zoning commission for the town of Brusly.

ACT 75—HB 413 Designates a portion of North Causeway Boulevard in St. Tammany Parish as the “Captain Vincent N. Liberto, Jr., Memorial Overpass.”

ACT 76—HB 502 Provides relative to dealer warranty compensation.

ACT 77—HB 577 Provides relative to residential flood coverage.

ACT 78—HB 593 Provides relative to passing a parked emergency vehicle.

ACT 79—HB 595 Provides for the payment of health insurance claims prior to the credentialing of a healthcare provider.

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