Nation Paying "Modi Tax" looted authorities Rs 20 lakh crore: Congress over hovering gasoline and diesel costs

Congress director Pawan Khera

New Delhi: Congress launched a violent attack on the central government led by Narendra Modi on Tuesday over rising gasoline and diesel prices, accusing the government of only working for two “businessmen” in the country.

Congress chairman Pawan Khera berated the center for rising fuel prices and said compatriots pay the “Modi tax” in the form of an excise duty.

At a press conference, Khera claimed that if the government resets the excise tax, the price of gas would drop to Rs61.92 per liter and the price of diesel to Rs47.51 per liter.

“In May 2014, the international price of crude oil was USD 108 a barrel and gasoline was sold at Rs 71.51 per liter in Delhi while diesel was sold at Rs 57.28 per liter. International crude oil prices were $ 54.41 per barrel as of February 1, 2021, and to date, gasoline prices in the state capital are Rs 89.29 per liter, while diesel is sold at Rs 79.70 per liter, "Khera said.

The Congress leader accused the government of looting the country with fuel prices of 20 lakh crore. “Where did those 20 lakh crore go? It was not seen in any sector. Can this be called a criminal conspiracy that only benefits a few friends? “Asked Khera.

Congress accused the BJP of keeping society in a constant struggle and using hatred and scare tactics to keep everyone busy so that their (government) shortcomings would not be highlighted. Khera also accused the Saffron Party of "manufacturing controversies" hiding its shortcomings.

"Suffering" has gripped a large part of society from farmers to young people. Although "suffering" has managed to unite these sufferings, "said Khera.