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The Daily Camera published an article on July 7th entitled "Boulder County Governments Speak Gun Violence Under New State Legislation." The article described how officials from across Boulder County had gathered to discuss the passing of new local laws "prohibiting the sale, purchase, transfer, or possession of firearms" that would magically make gun violence disappear. This latest Pixie Dust state bill was courtesy of Senator Steve Fenberg and Rep. Edie Hooton, both state Democrats who represent Boulder. I'm sure not one person at the meeting mentioned former Boulder resident Richard Platt. If so, it would be an indication that they may have a clue how to actually reduce gun violence.

The only reason you might recognize the Richard Platt name is because that insane man decided that the best place to go into an alleged gun-for-drug deal is a Maven hotel for $ 400 a night, the Located at the heart of the celebration of Governor Jared Polis's mistress is a Major League Baseball All-Star Game. And just because there were sniper rifles, body armor and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his room and one of the alleged customers for the weapons upgraded his room in the Maven to a room on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the crowds that gather for the game, you make yourself no worries that it might have led to another mass shooting. The alleged gun buyer told us he didn't even know there was a baseball game in town. And we all know that people who make a living trading drugs for weapons would never lie to us.

The criminal history of Platt goes back long before the Maven Hotel. Platt was most recently arrested in Lonetree, Colorado in June 2020 and charged with gun possession by a convicted felon, violation of a domestic protection order, and numerous drug offenses. He left $ 25,000 on bail and was released. Then he failed a drug test and was arrested again. He then placed $ 50,000 on bail and was released. He again failed a drug test and was arrested again. He asked for $ 75,000 bail, was released, but this time he simply stopped showing up for his drug tests.

Platt then moved into an apartment in Boulder and wondered why pay rent at all? Local residents also complained about strange smells coming from his apartment and the 30 to 40 people who showed up for short visits every day. Platt avoided eviction for months by enlisting the help of local Boulder group Bridge to Justice, which is partially funded by a town of Boulder, a tax of $ 75 per year on each rental unit. Obviously, Bridge to Justice doesn't do a background check, site visit, talk to neighbors or the landlord before deciding to use your tax dollars on taking on a new client. Not to mention one who could afford a luxury hotel for $ 400 a night but not its rent.

In any case, Boulder City Police came into contact with Platt on April 6, 2021 during an apparent drug deal. Platt's companion had heroin with him and was arrested and sent to the county jail. Despite the fact that Platt had a pending warrant from Douglass County for gun possession, domestic violence, bail, etc., Boulder Prison refused to accept him and the police had no choice but to let him go. You can only imagine how angry the police who had him in custody were.

When I asked why they didn't book Platt to jail, district officials wrote that they didn't accept Platt because yes, you guessed it: COVID-19 inmate capacity restrictions. In addition, they wrote that even if they had accepted Platt, "it would be very likely that, given the nature of the charges, he would not have been detained for very long". So much for convicted criminals in possession of firearms thrown in jail.

So there you have it. Local officials are likely to enact new laws that will have no impact on actual criminals like Platt. They will ignore doing anything against current state laws that allow people like Platt to avoid incarceration. Even the super-liberal mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, has called for these laws to be changed so that real live gun-dealing criminals can be removed from our streets. But don't hold your breath because this is a new local law. That wouldn't be progressive that way.

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