Petrol worth near highest stage ever

The suggested retail price for a liter of petrol has just fallen short of the highest level ever this weekend. Consumer collective UnitedConsumers, which follows the recommended retail prices of Shell, BP, Total, Texaco and Esso on a daily basis, is anticipating that a new record price will soon be reached despite the tax cut on April 1.

The average national suggested retail price on Saturday is 2,499 euros per liter of Euro95 and 2,184 euros for a liter of diesel. On Friday, motorists still lost 2,497 euros per liter for Euro95 and 2,170 euros for a liter of diesel.

Fuel prices peaked for this on March 10. At that time, a liter of petrol cost 2.502 euros and a liter of diesel 2.375 euros. On the first day of April, the petrol price subsequently fell by 21 cents, while diesel became an average of 13.5 cents cheaper.

The government wanted to make some concessions with the excise tax reduction, as energy and fuel prices have risen sharply due to the war in Ukraine, among other things. But the oil and gas market has remained very volatile lately, partly due to uncertainty about supplies from Russia and shortages of refining capacity. As a result, petrol and diesel have again become considerably more expensive in recent times.

Pump owners can deviate from the recommended prices of the major oil companies. In practice, motorists only pay the suggested retail prices along the highway. With various cheap pumps it should still be possible to refuel around 25 cents per liter cheaper.

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