Regulation on the Belgian Journal of Legal guidelines introducing varied tax assist measures because of the coronavirus

July 16, 2021, 5:00 a.m.

The Belgian Official Gazette published on July 13th Law No. 2021021315, which introduces various tax support measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. The law provides for the following measures: 1) to provide a minimum annual compensation of 150 euros (US $ 177) for certain writers and performing artists who suffered from a loss of income during the 2020-21 period; 2) Granting excise tax refunds for certain non-salable beer; and 3) a lump sum of 2,400 euros ($ 2,832) in social security contributions per company to aid recruitment. The measures usually came into force on July 1st (Belgium, Official Gazette, 07/13/21)

See Law No. 2021021315, Official Gazette No. 195/2021. View …

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