Rep. Mondaire Jones recordsdata SALT waiver to provide Westchester tax breaks

MP Mondaire Jones

Westchester Congressman Mondaire Jones, who represents northern Westchester and Rockland Counties in the 17th district, is the original co-sponsor of the SALT Deductibility Act, which introduced Donald Trump and the 2017 Republican Congress as part of a larger tax cut plan.

The state and local tax withholding limits the amount of property and state income taxes that Westchester residents and homeowners can deduct from their federal income taxes to a total of $ 10,000. Congressman Jones introduced the bill with Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Residents of New York City's 17th congressional district pay the highest property taxes of any congressional district in the country. The average property tax in NY-17 is $ 11,389. 45% of people (approximately 330,000 people) in NY-17 use the SALT trigger. The average pre-cap deduction in NY-17 was $ 26,243.

"Donald Trump cut taxes on billionaires and big corporations and paid them on the backs of hard-working families in Westchester and Rockland counties, where we pay the highest property taxes in the nation," said Rep. Jones. "That needs to change. Restoring the SALT deduction is a necessary first step in creating a just tax system with money back in the pockets of the working people. "

The SALT Deductibility Act would remove the cap on the SALT deduction introduced under the Donald Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017. This would allow New Yorkers to fully deduct their state and local taxes from their federal taxes.

Westchester County homeowners pay the highest property taxes in the country, and Rockland homeowners pay the second highest. “When it comes to SALT, if you think families in Westchester and Rockland needed and deserved that money before the coronavirus hit, the stakes are even higher now because the cap costs this community tens of thousands of dollars to be in the middle could consume the crisis, “said Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer.

“So I'm proud to be working with Congressman Jones to restore our full SALT trigger in this Congress. Double taxation on hardworking homeowners is clearly unfair. We need to bring home our federal dollars to cushion the blow this virus – and this harmful SALT cap – has inflicted on so many local homeowners and families. "

"I am proud to work with my colleagues to introduce laws to lift the cap on state and local tax deductions, a cynical policy passed by Republicans to repay wealthy donors and lobbyists with large corporate tax cuts," said US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

"New York must restore full SALT withholding to provide tax breaks for hard-working, middle-class families," said Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NYS Senate majority leader. “Deduction savings could mean the difference between having enough food or medicine available during this pandemic. I have urged congressional partners and supported the restoration of the full SALT trigger, and I salute Congressman Mondaire Jones and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for passing the bill. "

"I would like to thank US Congressman Mondaire Jones for his work with US Senator Chuck Schumer in restoring state and local taxes or the SALT deduction," said George Latimer, executive of Westchester County. “In addition to double taxation, this federal tax law is wrongly directed against communities like Westchester County – and every homeowner in that county is a victim. In Westchester, where the average home is valued at $ 691,392.00, our homes are our greatest asset, and that cap is a hit on our wallets. "

"I urge the federal administration to fully reintroduce the SALT deduction," said Senator Shelley Mayer. “The attempt to limit the SALT deduction, a long-standing principle of tax law, was politically motivated and incomprehensible. Since the SALT deduction cap was capped in 2017, families and homeowners in my district have suffered an additional financial burden from double taxation that penalizes them for making important state and local investments in essential services and public schools. "

"I would like to thank our new Congressman Mondaire Jones for making restoring the SALT exemption an immediate priority," said Tom Roach, Mayor of White Plains. “This problem needs to be addressed by Congress this year to restore the fairness of the system. Representative Jones understands this and understands that our taxpayers depend on this benefit. "

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