Sheldon Whitehouse's White Home fiasco is clearly Kerry-like

Has anyone ever seen Sheldon Whitehouse and John Forbes Kerry in the same room or yacht club?

You're two peas in a pod – St. Paul & # 39; s School, Yale, Yankee bloodlines to the Mayflower, living on trust funds, never touching the director, a pair of excruciatingly complacent Democratic hypocrites.

Whitehouse is a Senator for the Ida Lewis Yacht Club and the Spouting Rock Beach Association in Newport.

He was in the news this week after it was revealed (again) that his two places to jeer at the hoi polloi are much less diverse than the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers, among many other groups.

Senator Whitehouse was leaving one of his melanin-prone clubs last weekend when he was approached by a reporter who asked him why he was hanging out in a coastal slavery given his encouraging alertness on all issues.

A startled Whitehouse immediately admitted, "I think the people who run the place are still working on it and I'm sorry it hasn't happened yet."

So he admitted it. But then he freaked out.

At first, Whitehouse claimed that the club had some, uh, diversity, even though it had already achieved exactly the opposite, not to mention that the club itself couldn't cite any of its alleged diversity.

Little Boy Blue then insisted that what these clubs used to call "Gentlemen's Agreements" was really not for him because "I don't have a membership to quit, nor will I ask my wife or other family members to do so. "

How Kerry-like is that? Do you remember when Liveshot ran for president in 2004?

Kerry shouted the usual Democrat gruel about global whatever when it was discovered that his five mansions all contained at least one gas-guzzling SUV.

Kerry's lame defense: I don't own these SUVs, they're in the trust fund of my second wife's first husband.

Still, Whitehouse couldn't deny his lifelong affiliation with the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, which is whiter than Casper the Friendly Ghost, who falls into a tub of Elmer & # 39; s glue.

“There is a lack of diversity,” he said in a breathtaking understatement. “Not addressing the sailing club's lack of diversity is up to me, and I'm sorry. I am committed to working with the club and the community to build a more inclusive membership … "

It's going to be tough, Mr. Senator. On the association's homepage, those who are not registered in the social register are brusquely informed on the homepage that membership is “by invitation only”.

If you cannot understand the clue, papists and all the other rabble, there is more to it than that: "We are not currently accepting membership applications."

Can someone say "white supremacy"?

If a Republican was in this club, the alt-left media would denounce him as the Aryan Nation Navy.

The yacht club homepage also includes a group photo of the membership. The photo appears to have been taken at the club's annual Thurston Howell III impersonation contest.

Continuing the Gilligan & # 39; s Island theme, there is another picture of the club's living “Commodore” – all with their best skipper's yacht hats.

Incidentally, the list of Commodores includes a "Sheldon Whitehouse" from 1937-40.

When John Kerry tried to evade the Massachusetts excise tax on his new $ 7 million New Zealand yacht after losing the presidential election, he docked his newest Lovey toy in … Newport.

It has always been an unsolved mystery where exactly haughty John Kerry put it. Not so much now.

The irony abounds here. Whitehouse says he wouldn't dream of telling his own equally blue-blooded wife to leave her "elite" club. This is rich – this is the same guy who seriously proposed using the state RICO statute to destroy anyone who doesn't share their superstitions about global cooling, uh warming, uh climate change.

Whitehouse is also the same guy who interrogated Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 for the fact that "boofing" was mentioned in the Supreme Court Judge's future high school yearbook.

I'm sure the fact that Kavanaugh went to Catholic high school had absolutely nothing to do with Whitehouse's seething contempt for him.

Oddly enough, given the well-documented perversion at his own alma mater, St. Paul & # 39; s School in Concord, New Hampshire, Whitehouse would be concerned that anything unpleasant would happen at a private high school.

St. Paul & # 39; s is one of those schools where almost everyone is called either "Sandy" (for Alexander) or "Trip" (because you are "the third").

St. Paul's motto is: "Tennis, anyone?"

A few years ago, St. Paul & # 39; s published its own scathing account of how it had been conducted, for decades, on essentially the same principles Winston Churchill said led the British Navy – rum, sodomy and the whip .

One of the "masters" was Gerry Studds, the future Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts. After Studds was fired from St. Paul & # 39; s, he was later censored by the House of Representatives with 410-3 votes for sodomizing a teenage convention site.

According to St. Paul’s and a lawsuit from some of his many victims, Studds was "completely predatory" and held "nude dormitory meetings with 'all boys' even naked in his apartment on campus".

Somehow, it puts Kavanaugh's boofing into perspective, doesn't it, Senator Whitehouse?

Whitehouse is only the latest in a long line of unsuspecting Brahmins in Rhode Island politics.

There was Senator Claiborne Pell. His nickname was "Stillborn".

In 2006, Whitehouse defeated another Fop, Senator Lincoln Chafee. Like Bill Weld, Chafee has been a Republican, Independent, Democrat, and most recently a Liberal over the years.

Chafee ran for president in 2016 in the ever-popular Let's-Go metric! Platform.

It's great to be a fiduciary Yankee who went to St. Pauls and Yale, and it's great to be a Democrat as well. And it is best when you can be all of these.