Signing of a dream class without cost brokers for 2021 (pre-draft)

Every NBA fan knows that the Free Agency opens long before the official launch date on August 2nd and the teams are negotiating deals behind closed doors that will become official shortly afterwards. The Hawks could lose some key figures this off-season, including Lou Williams, who was the microwave striker Atlanta needed off the bank this off-season. The Hawks could also lose Solomon Hill, Tony Snell, Brandon Goodwin, and John Collins this off-season.

I've already broken down how much the Hawks have to spend here, and they might be in a better position to sign some guys if they give Collins a big deal. If you want to check out my lists of free agents that I think the hawks might be interested in, I'll link them below, but here are the guys I'd love to take with me, and I think they can all fit in the cap Sheet. Just like the Hawks last off-season, I'll be focusing on improving the quality. The Hawks have done well with shooting and defensive versatility in 2020-2021 and that is exactly what I'm aiming for. I'll be creating a post-draft based on the draft next week, so keep an eye out for it.

Just a quick note, I wrote this before it was revealed that Onyeka Okongwu with a torn labrum would be absent for up to six months. The Hawks could try to replace him with a guy like Harry Giles or Richaun Holmes, but for now they can just run things with Nathan Knight and Bruno Fernando until Okongwu is healthy.

Free Agents The Hawks Might Be Interested In (Back Room)

Free Agents The Falcons Might Be Interested In (Frontcourt)

Free Agents The Hawks Might Be Interested In (Big Men)

F John Collins

Collins is the only free agent the Hawks are bringing back; I think they can be upgraded differently anywhere. I'm definitely not against bringing Brandon Goodwin back, but I don't see Lou Williams returning to Atlanta. Maybe I'm wrong, just my gut instinct.

We've talked about Collins 100,000 times here – customize what he's getting in Restricted Free Agency and get ready to give it back.

C Gorgui Dieng

I think Dieng and the Hawks are a perfect match. While the team should develop Okongwu, Fernando and Nathan Knight, Dieng gives the Hawks exactly what they need from a great man. At 6 & # 39; 10 he's a solid center of defense that can get lots of shots into the suit. His defensive rating this season was 108.8, just behind Clint Capela, who sat at 106.1. While the defensive rating isn't a perfect metric, Dieng knocked down almost 43% of its three points in 2021. He's the perfect big one for protecting strikers and centers, especially when he can deliver outside shots. With Collins' maximum new signing, the Hawks should get a luxury tax exemption to apply to Dieng or anyone else on that list.

F Rudy Gay

The Hawks succeed by adding solid mentors like Vince Carter and Solomon Hill, and I think Rudy Gay is the perfect player to fill in the void. Cam Reddish and De’Andre Hunter can learn a lot from Gay, who was once considered one of the best 3-and-D players in the league. No longer the soaring 20 points per game goalscorer he was after an Achilles tendon rupture, Gay has changed his game and still offers a very solid defense. Gay shot over 38% of 3 last season. His veteran presence will be invaluable yet, but I think he is a perfect fit for a young Hawks team that can help him fight for his first NBA championship.

G Alex Caruso

I agree to let Lou Will test the free agency if the Hawks can add Alex Caruso. Not only is Caruso one of the most annoying backcourt defenders in the entire NBA, he can jump out of the gym and shoot over 40% out of 3 for the Lakers in 2021. Caruso is a guy to play alongside Trae Young as a starter in a pinch; he is not super dominant and can take a lot of defensive responsibility from Young. Hopefully the Hawks won't hit injuries like they did in 2021, but Caruso is the perfect bank guard in any situation.