Two Webinars to Cowl Submitting Type 1040-X After an IRS Adjustment, And Estimated Tax Funds for 2022

Taxpayers, and by association their tax professionals, will face two major issues this post-tax season: IRS refund adjustments and estimated tax payments for the 2022 tax season.

The IRS is currently recalculating taxes on unemployment benefits for 2020 based on recent tax law passed during the 2021 tax season. Tax pros should confirm these recalculations were done correctly for their clients. In some instances, if a client did not originally claim the earned income credit or other credits, but is now eligible, an amended return will need to be filed. This webinar discusses those instances and the steps that the tax professional will need to take.

Additionally, making estimated tax payments throughout the year prior to filing their return can help taxpayers reduce that end-of-season sticker shock some face when they realize they owe a significant amount of money (and avoid penalties and interest). Many taxpayers may benefit from this if their income is drastically different from prior years, especially due to the financial effects of COVID-19.

To help tax professionals with this post-tax season information, the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) is offering two completely free webinars that will detail these topics and help tax professionals what they can and should be doing now to help their clients.

“We know a tax professional’s work is not done immediately after Tax Day, which is why NATP is committed to providing education on timely topics throughout the year that tax pros need to understand to serve their clients with excellence,” said Rhonda Collins, EA, CPA, NATP director of tax content and government relations.

To learn more and register, visit These webinars are available to anyone interested, not just NATP members.