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EXTON — Do you know who owns a mobile home? The United Way of Chester County will offer a $ 10 Wawa Gift Card to the first 100 people who successfully complete a mobile home tax reassessment application. There is no per capita limit and it is available to all residents of Chester County. Benefits are valid until June 30, 2021.

“Our goal of a successful 500 appeals this year is ambitious, but we want to help those in need as much as possible,” said Christopher Saero, Chairman and CEO of the United Way of Chester County. I am determined. “By adding this incentive program, we can not only reach our goals, but also exceed them.”

LCH Health and Community Services (formerly known as La Comunidad Hispana), a legal aid in southeastern Pennsylvania, in partnership with a local food pantry, a mobile home tax reassessment program owned by a mobile home in Chester County We provide assistance for individuals to file a property tax revaluation claim.

The United Way Mobile Home Tax Reassessment program has had a huge impact in just two years.

• Supporting 510 successful appeals

• Reduced the valuation of these 510 mobile homes from $ 18 million to the actual valuation of $ 5 million by 70%.

• Save an average of $ 966 in annual taxes per mobile home owner

• Owners of these mobile homes have saved a total of $ 4.9 million over the next decade, unless state tax law is flawed.

To consider a 2021 reassessment, call the United Way of Chester County (610-429-9400) to book or visit. www.UnitedForMobileHomes.com Fill out the 2021 Reassessment Form. After August 1st, the referrer will be contacted after the completed evaluation has been submitted. Ask the client to include your name and number on the referral letter.

When the form is complete:

• The United Way of Chester County contacts clients to schedule intake bookings with representatives of Legal Aid in southeastern Pennsylvania. The deadline for completing this form is July 10, 2021, as the Chester County Reassessment submission period is from May 1st to August 1st.

• The paralegal fills out the form and contacts the client for signature.

• United Way of Chester County volunteers take a picture of the house for your records.

• All forms will be submitted to the County Reassessment Office between May 1st and August 1st, 2021.

• Clients will be notified of the results of the reassessment appeal in October 2021.

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