Property tax exemption renewal playing cards to be mailed

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CLAY COUNTY – County Property Appraiser Tracy S. Drake said the 2021 Property Tax Exemption Renewal Cards will be mailed on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Florida law provides for a number of property tax exemptions, classifications and assessment reductions, which will reduce the taxable value of real property. One of the responsibilities of the Clay County Property Appraiser’s Office is to ensure that all eligible property owners receive the full benefit of those exemptions of which they are eligible.

In Clay County, most property tax exemptions are renewed annually. Once an initial exemption application has been filed and granted, a subsequent application to maintain the exemption is not required. On or before Feb. 1, the CCPAO mails property tax exemption renewal cards to each property owner who qualified for specific exemptions in the prior year. If exemption eligibility has not changed, the renewal card serves as a receipt.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify the CCPAO if exemption eligibility has changed. Failure to promptly notify the property appraiser may result in significant penalties pursuant to Florida law. Detach the bottom portion of the card, indicate which exemptions should be removed, and return it.

A Property Tax Exemption Renewal Card Guide has been developed to assist property owners in understanding the renewal cards. To review the guide or for additional information, please visit or contact our office at (904)269-6305 to speak with an exemption specialist.